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#48 on Jazz Week Jazz Chart
September 20, 2002

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Chris Dundas 
L.A. Jazz Scene

"While interpreting Keith Jarrett's "So Tender," unaccompanied, Dundas exhibits the lyrical sense of melody and harmony that prove to be his greatest strengths. As a singer would caress each line and impart contextual meaning, he phrases the ballad in such a way that we can clearly appreciate the song's purpose."

Jim Santella, L.A. Jazz Scene
L.A. Jazz Scene

"Dundas has an inexhaustible supply of interesting piano chords and right hand combinations that were a joy to listen to."

Glenn A. Mitchell, L.A. Jazz Scene
Cadence Magazine

"A pianist whose style is a branch of that great bushy tree with its roots in Bill Evans...is aggressive and probing." "Autumn Leaves gets a surprisingly abstract treatment. Dundas offers some fine lyrical - without being overtly sentimental - piano and Sheppard blows exploratory saxophone that probes the edges of the tune's harmonies."

Dave Dupont, Cadence Magazine
All Music Guide

AMG Rating: ****

"The variety of the compositions and the many moods make this CD consistently of strong interest. Well worth checking out."

Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Los Angeles Times

"It is a wonderful example of small group jazz, and a worthy addition to your collection. I heartily recommend it."

Paul Andersen, Los Angeles Times